The Frog Prince - limited print

The Frog Prince - limited print

12 x 18 print, museum quality archival paper and ink, limited printing - signed

The tale of the Frog Prince has taken many forms, all of which carry the central theme of appearances. In the Brother's Grim version a Princess makes promises of sharing her home, her plate and pillow with a frog by the pond if he would only retrieve her lost ball from the water. He does so, but when he goes to join her for supper she rejects him, but her father reminds her that she has given her word and so she shares her meal and lets the frog sleep on her pillow. Three more times the Frog comes calling and then finally through keeping her word to the lowly Frog the is able to Princess break his curse and he changes back to his human form.

Original 18 x 24, acrylic and oil based coloured pencils.
Shipped in a tube, tracked and insured.