Allerleirauh - limited print

Allerleirauh - limited print

12 x 18 print, museum quality archival paper and ink, limited printing - signed

Many variants of this fairy tale exist such as "Thousand Furs", "Donkey Skin". In this tale the Princess Allerleirauh is being forced to marry her father. She delays the wedding by asking for impossible things, a dress made of starlight, one of moonlight and the other of sunshine. Yet somehow the King produces these impossible garments. Then she asks for a cloak made from the skin of every different animals that lives in the Kindgom. Again this impossible task is completed. Still unwilling to marry her father, Allerleirauh escapes in the night and takes the dresses with her, and a golden ring and hides in the forest using the cloak of a thousand skins.

Later on she is discovered by a hunting party of a neighbouring kingdom. She is offered work in the kitchens. There she works under her cloak of a thousand skins, but decided to attend a ball wearing one of her celestial gowns. The Prince dances with her and is enchanted by this mystery woman. She attends a second ball in the other gown where again she and the Prince dance and converse. When she attends a third time she accidentally leaves behind her golden ring. The Prince begins to search for the finger that would fit the golden ring and that is how he discovers Princess Allerleirauh in the kitchens. They marry and she no longer must hide under her cloak of 1000 skins.

Original painting 12 x 24, acrylic and oil based coloured pencil on wood panel
Shipped in a tube, tracked and insured